July 19, 2016

Cybersecurity Awareness & Safety Course (CASC)

Cybersecurity Awareness & Safety Course¬†[CASC] at “The Internet Security Academy (TISA)” is designed to address security awareness and key practices for cyber citizens starting from School days.

The Programme is meant for schools and open to all citizens who connect to world using Information Technologies.

At its core, the program provides easy security tips and awareness.

Our unique teaching methods focus on applied learning and case studies rather than on rote learning. Students will participate in workshops and seminars with top IT security and risk audits professionals.

In addition to the above, students will enhance their communication skills through class discussions and presentations, where they will be trained to present security information in a concise manner.

Course Structure

  • Consists of a 4 weeks Foundations course in Cyber security fundamentals.

Course Benefits (USPs)

  • Creating cyber security¬†knowledge
  • Building individual awareness
  • Learning new ways towards security
  • World-class Certification

Course Modules

  1. Cyber Security Fundamentals
  2. Mobility, Cloud and Internet of Things
  3. Government Policies Security domain
  4. Telecom Security domain
  5. Banking security domain
  6. Govt. Applications domain

Course Contents

  1. The Cyber security Landscape
  2. Personal Privacy & Security
  3. Identity Theft
  4. Email Scams
  5. Corporate Espionage
  6. Security at Work and at Play
  7. Cyber Parenting and Child Safety
  8. Being Cyber Aware