August 25, 2016

Why Recruit

The Academy considers cybersecurity research and development as pivotal activities in the pursuit of excellence. The academy plays a vital role in diverse facets of research and development by keeping pace with the rapidly expanding frontiers of cybersecurity knowledge, trying to address national needs and contributing to global development of cybersecurity. Its preeminent position at the cutting edge of cybersecurity research for organizations and industries.

The faculty of Academy is not only the best but also highly recognized for their achievements in the field of cyber security career and research. The Academy has faculty as researchers, teachers and consultants. Nearly all faculty members have substantial industry experience.

Technology Leadership

With the aspiration to grow and develop, Academy has been continuing its efforts to widen its faculty base.

Broadening the Horizon

Students involvement in research and development project leads to significant output of cyber security posts. Faculty members and students are encouraged to interact with peer groups by participating for research activities.

Student Projects

It is mandatory for all students to take up projects under the guidance of faculty. These include cybersecurity development, cybersecurity testing, cybersecurity research and cybersecurity control oriented projects. Many of the projects will be sponsored by the industry, provide students with an opportunity to understand and analyze real life problems pertaining to the industry.


Students are encouraged to publish their work in the form of posts.


Students who will come up with innovative solutions to practical problems are encouraged to file national and international patents.


Several students will be offered a two year research assistantship, which includes working in ongoing research projects, maintaining cybersecurity laboratories or system administration.


The academy will undertake research and development projects in various areas of specialization. They can be broadly categorized as following:
  • Sponsored/Contract research
  • Consultancy projects
  • Sponsored student projects
Sponsored/Contract research
New projects will be undertaken by researchers, which include long term basic, development and application oriented cybersecurity research projects.
Consultancy Projects
Varied Cybersecurity consultancy projects as given below are undertaken in the Institute:
Cybersecurity Advice
Cybersecurity Design
Cybersecurity Technology assessment
Cybersecurity Process, product and software development
Cybersecurity Trouble shooting
Cybersecurity Testing
And many more
Sponsored student projects
This entails sponsorship of students or student projects to tackle live Cybersecurity projects related to industry along with implementaion, during the time span allocated in the program.