August 28, 2016

Scholarship Process

  1. The companies/organizations sends invitations to Placement Cell along with relevant information, or the Placement Cell sends invitations to companies/organizations.
  2. Logins are created for companies interested in recruiting at to access their online account.
  3. Company/ Organization fills in a Scholarship Sponsorship Form (SSF) containing details of the scholarship offer (cybersecurity course package, technologies, tools and other processes) using their online account.
    SSFs can also be sent either by post or email to Placement Cell (placement at
  4. If the company/ organization wishes to conduct a Pre-Scholarship Talk (PST) they can sent a request along with the preferred dates.
  5. The SSF is made available online to the students, along with any other information furnished by company organization.
  6. Placement Office allots dates to companies for interviews based on various details given by companies. The company/ organization confirms the dates with the Placement Office.
  7. Interested students show their willingness to appear for the scholarship process of a company by signing its SSF.
  8. Companies can view resumes of interested students and shortlist students using their online account.
  9. The company/ organization is required to furnish the final list of students preferably on the date of interview.
  10. The company/ organization is required to pay the scholarship amount to the Academy preferably within 30 days of interview date.

Note: The placement office records jobs corresponding to the students selected. Students once received scholarship may not be allowed to appear for other interviews as per the institute scholarship policy.

* The Scholarship Sponsorship Form provides the primary basis of communicating the details of the scholarship offered to the candidates. It is therefore, highly desirable that the Form is completed in all respects and it would be advantageous if it were accompanied by relevant company literature with more details about the company.

The data provided by the companies through the Scholarship Sponsorship Form, company brochures including financial statements, etc. are made available to the students to decide.

Hoping for your kind co-operation for a bright and blooming scholarship cum placement programme.
Placement Cell,
The Internet Security Academy.