July 11, 2016

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The study of IT Security opens up a diverse array of career opportunities. Among the many options available, students can look forward to a career as:

1. Security Analysts – IT, Telecom, E-Commerce, Infrastructure, Health, Govt and  Non-IT Companies
2. Security Consultants – Security Products & Services Development Companies and consultancies.
3. Security Scientists
4. Research – think tanks
5. Security Journalists
6. IT related roles

High employer demand, fabulous salaries, great promotion prospects – what’s not to love about cyber security? According to data compiled by Burning Glass, postings for cyber security jobs grew 74% from 2007 to 2013 – 2x faster than other IT positions.

On average, cybersecurity salaries offer a premium of over $15,000 over the salaries for IT jobs overall.

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Cybersecurity Analyst IT Consulting, Project Management, Sales & Pre-sales, Application Development, Testing & QA, IMS, IT Support Services/Help Desk SPD, BPM, R&D Security Analyst role in any industry. BFSI, Media, Telecom, Govt., PSUs