July 8, 2016

About Academy

At The Internet Security Academy (TISA)™, we provide intelligent security solutions, security research and education training to power the engine of client’s  security operations and greatly enhances the effectiveness of the security solutions. Our solution analyze threat data and actively monitor the cyber threat landscape to provide a globalized view of emerging threats, zero-day vulnerabilities, and the evolving tactics and techniques of advanced threat actors.

By investing in supervised machine learning and analytics in the industry, we are successfully automating and accelerating security patterns detection, correlation, and contextualization. That means you can identify threats more quickly and take the right action at the right time to reduce your risk. As the world leader in cybersecurity solutions, we combine machine learning with human intelligence to unleash the full potential of your existing security investments.

The Internet Security Academy (TISA)™ is 100% focused on cyber security. We are committed to provide managed security services, security systems integrator, value added resellers, cyber security services and platforms in all their forms and ensuring that organizations like yours are protected.

In today’s cyber threat landscape, intelligence can alert you to new and emerging global threats and identify actors that may affect your operations and who may be targeting your organization such as with Advanced Persistent Threats, providing the insights to help you prepare or take action.

Security consultants are highly versed in the practices and nuances of intelligence formulation. With diverse backgrounds encompassing information technology, information security, space and intelligence experience, and combined with the understanding of how your business works, our security experts can deliver the visibility into threats and the actors behind them you need to protect your organization.

We provide End-to-End Enterprise Security & Risk Management Services to clients. We have comprehensive value-chain advanced security outsourcing services covering the critical infrastructure security lifecycle – Assess, Prevent, Detect, and Respond & Recover.

We have dedicated security professionals and a track record of successful delivery of security outsourcing projects. We bring technology (OEM technologies), people & processes and our services range from Consulting, Implementation, Integration, Optimization to Managed Services.

Our Education & Training services teaches cyber security project management and technical analysis with hands-on training education to full fill the needs for becoming a qualified cyber security professional.

  • Academy has network of highly experienced professionals.
  • Mentors are experienced to launch security products and services.
  • Online education on International platform.
  • Engagement with corporate offices and centers

The Academy considers cyber security research and development as pivotal activities in the pursuit of excellence. The academy plays a vital role in diverse facets of research and development by keeping pace with the rapidly expanding frontiers of cyber security knowledge, trying to address national needs and contributing to global development of cyber security. Its preeminent position at the cutting edge of cyber security research for organizations and industries.

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