July 11, 2016

Cybersecurity Overview


Cyber security has emerged as one of the critical domain of global policies, products, services and competitions, with significant impacts on economic, political and military areas. The Internet of things, mobility and its related technologies integrate into nearly every aspect of society, business, and government, presenting opportunities for bad guys and adversaries to advance and to disrupt society. As a result, governments and organizations continuously develop and evolve new operational doctrines, advanced cyberwarfare capabilities, security and risks assessment, risks detection and protection techniques and criminal tactics that threaten our information resources.

Cybersecurity and IT strategy professionals must develop the requisite knowledge to analyse, implement or conduct necessary operations in cyberspace.

Some Statistics and Forecasts say,

  • IT Security market was USD 75 Billion in 2015 and estimated at USD 220 Billion by year 2020
  • USD 50 Billion Managed Security Services & Enterprise Risk, Governance & Compliance according to IDC exists in Cloud security, Mobile security, Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics & SIEM
  • Demand for security workforce to rise globally to 6 million with projected shortfall of 1.5 million.
  • Security market in India estimated to be more than 8% growth of the overall IT-BPM industry.
  • Rapid growth in security software product segment – USD 1000 Billion revenues by year 2021